URBA confirmed the start of the tournaments and a new competition format

URBA confirmed the start of the tournaments and a new competition format

The Buenos Aires Rugby Union reported that the competitions of all its categories will begin on the pre-established date and the newness will be the competition format. Consequently, Superior divisions of First A, B, C and Second start on Saturday, April 10, while the Top 12 the following weekend and meanwhile Third and Development on April 24. The day marked for the return to activity of the divisions Youth is April 18.

“Taking into account the processes carried out, we inform you that the Championships of our URBA will begin on the dates duly communicated,” URBA confirmed through a statement to each of the clubs.

For the proper development of the tournaments, it will be necessary throughout the season while the health emergency situation remains in force, to continue to strictly respect the following conditions:

Regarding the tournamentsAfter analyzing the different ideas proposed in the meeting we held with the Presidents and taking into account other issues to consider for their possible development, they will be carried out under the following organizational guidelines:

a) SUPERIOR DIVISIONS – The Championships will be held with a reduction in the number of dates, which will allow for more free dates.

– They will be of a complete wheel and then zones by accumulation of points.

– The Scrum will be played with the 2019 rules (push meter and a half)

– There will be a promotion and a demotion per category

b) YOUTH AND CHILDREN’S RUGBY: Their tournaments and scheduled matches will be developed by regional areas to avoid the transfer of players over long distances. Regarding the scrum in youth divisions, until further notice the “pull-out” modality will be used.

All the regulations of the tournaments of superior and youth divisions will be informed by the Competition Commission in the next few days.

Finally, the statement highlighted: “Without prejudice to the regulations established, we cannot fail to point out that the Pandemic that affects us may cause us to make modifications throughout the season. If it is necessary to carry out such changes, we immediately we will put in contact in order to communicate them to them and to advance in the development of the activity under the formats and ways that the circumstances of the moment allow. “

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