Wilder could win legal case for damages after cancellation of fight with Tyson Fury, acknowledges Bob Arum

Pelea con Joshua no es inminente; no descarten que pelee con Wilder, advierte Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder could win your legal case for damages, after the cancellation of your fight with Tyson fury, as revealed Bob arum.

Totally sincere, Arum, which in addition to co-promoter of Tyson fury, is also a lawyer, recognized that Wilder is not that far from winning the arbitration for not conducting his third duel with Fury.

Although that result, according to Arum, will not prevent the realization of fights between Tyson fury and Anthony Joshua. The statements were given in an interview for Barbershop Conversation.

“That is in arbitration, and the referee will decide,” said the promoter. “No, really, nobody anticipates that there will be a court order. In the worst case, there could be a claim for damages. I think we were scheduled to finally get a determination sometime in May. I can’t get into that. “

If the arbitration indicates that there was damages against Wilder, then compensation will have to be paid, but the fight between Joshua and Fury still stands.

Eddie hearn he’s on the loose, and talks whatever, “he explained Arum, “But under our contract between Joshua and FuryWe, and the various promoters, are prohibited from saying who we are talking to and where the fight will take place until a determination is made, and there may be a joint announcement. I know that Eddie he has been violating that ”.

The plan for AJ against Fury it’s still making two fights in 2021.

“Definitely,” replied the manager when asked if it is possible that Fury make two appearances in 2021. “Why wouldn’t I give him two fights this year? You have to understand that all of these guys have not been as active as they normally would be due to the pandemic. Now it would be criminal not to have Fury fighting twice this year. If he fights in June, he can fight in November or December. “

Arum assures that the negotiations are already closed, and everything is agreed for the biggest fight in the heavyweights.

“They are over, they are closed, they are done,” answered the American magnate when asked about the negotiations for Anthony Joshua vs Fury. “The fighters have already signed and now we are waiting to finalize a place and a date. Now, obviously, it is not as easy as it would normally be due to the pandemic. “

“You know, a country that wanted to stage the fight and pay a big fee for the site can look and say they have had so many COVID cases in the past week or last month that they don’t know when they are going to be open. So it’s very, very delicate, it has nothing to do with the fight. It really is a logistical challenge, “he continued. Bob arum.

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