2022? Andrea Dovizioso one step away from returning to MotoGP: «There is a 90% chance»

Andrea Dovizioso

It seems that the decision that Andrea Dovizioso quit MotoGP It was a mistake. At least that is how the inner circle of the Italian rider implies. After several seasons in the category, ‘Dovi’ wanted to take a year off to rest, something that at 35 years old seemed difficult to assimilate. However, his manager already assured that «there is a 90% chance»That Dovizioso is back.

Andrea Battistella, the right hand of the Forlí rider, has already begun his work to facilitate the operational return of Dovizioso to MotoGP. In an interview with GPONE, Battistella gave details of Dovizioso’s plans for the next few months and confirmed that the Italian does not plan to return to a team for just one year.

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In the next month, Dovizioso will be testing and developing the team’s bike Aprilia, so all the guns and rumors suggest that the Italian will be in the brand of his country. After his steps by Sling and Ducati, Dovi will seek to achieve the long-awaited title, which escaped him on three consecutive occasions: 2017, 2018, 2019. In all of them, he fell to the power of Marc Márquez.


Battistella assured that despite the frustrations of recent years, Dovizioso continues to love MotoGP, so the intention to return is latent. “Andrea wants to come back, so I would say there is a 90% chance. Or so I hope. Still soon, it is not a year in which all contracts will expire so things are still not moving forward. There is a lot of time to evaluate. MotoGP has been his life and he loves it.

Running in 2021

On the other hand, Dovizioso’s manager assured that he does not see with bad eyes that the Italian can run a race this year, although he will have to study the offer well. “It may make sense if it is a project that Andrea joins in for the future. At that point, a race weekend could give much more accurate results than a test. In the meantime, it will be interesting to evaluate the feedback from both the pilot and the team, “he said.

Source: Ducati Corse official Twitter

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