He regrets? Sebastian Vettel frustrated after his first Aston Martin race: “I don’t feel at home”

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian vettel came to Aston martin to change the face shown in the 2020 season with the team Ferrari. The German was wearing down his relationship with the Italians until they made the decision to fire him. However, his start with the British team was not as expected, marking rookie errors, which are not part of a four-time champion driver: “I don’t feel at home,” he shot.

The Aston Martin driver spoke up after his lousy result in the Bahrain Grand Prix and made it clear that he has not yet fully adapted to the British team car. During the race, he had an unusual accident with Esteban Ocon, hitting it in the rear and showing the lack of confidence and good performance that it has been having in recent years.

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In an interview with Motorsport Magazine, Vettel made it clear that he is not comfortable in his first races with Aston Martin. His teammate, Lance Stroll He did not have the best result, but he managed to finish in the points zone, finishing tenth, and adding one unit to the championship. In 2020, Seb claimed a podium at the Turkish Grand Prix.


«It has not been the best weekend or not the one we were looking for. There are many things that we learned in the race that we must address. We will see how quickly we can solve it. I don’t feel at home with the car, there are a lot of things that fight against me, so I can’t just focus on driving. We have to address it and try to fix it, ”Vettel said.

On the other hand, the German stressed that he will seek to improve in the coming dates, looking for a mental blow to help him overcome the bad moment. “I feel very good. Obviously sorry for the weekend. I know how much preparation is needed. But I think we learned from many things. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we have to tackle it step by step, ”Seb said.

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