I destroy it! Demetrious Johnson insulted Petr Yan for illegal knee that is viral

I destroy it!  Demetrious Johnson insulted Petr Yan for illegal knee that is viral

Demetrious Johnson, former Flyweight champion of UFC, liquidated the Russian for his actions in the title fight. Currently, the legendary fighter is the current champion of the grand prix of that division in ONE Championship, but regrets not being able to be in his previous company. After what was the illegal knee of Petr Yan Aljamain Sterling, the 34-year-old American ripped apart with words.

Thus, Johnson He stated, “That’s where my mentality was when I was watching that fight because the fight was starting to go in Yan’s favor. Petr Yan I was starting to tell it apart. Sterling got some good shots there, but once he got down on his knees, and he had his hands on his knees like he was praying, and he got attacked. When it happened, I was like, ‘Petr Yan, you fucking idiot. You’re finally winning the fight and you throw this knee down and get disqualified. ‘

Disagree: Demetrious Johnson Calls For Urgent UFC Rules Change

So that was my opinion. Aljamain, you are much better than that. Why are you putting yourself in that position? But yes, I think the rule should be changed. It will be good for the sport, it will open up a lot more things and I think people will not use that position as security. He said, ‘I knew I was in a safe position.’ When he said that, I thought, you’re in a shit fight, you’re never in a safe position. You should never think that I am safe here.

Did not tolerate his action

What’s more, Demetrious he understood: ‘I think I should let the athlete dictate that. Only the athlete knows better. Think about it, that knee, imagine if I hit him with a flying knee and he could recover. Let’s say you got shot flush, you shoot for a takedown and take a couple of punches, and you can bounce back and continue fighting, but you get hit with one knee on the ground, then you have five minutes to drink some water, how do you feel? ? You are well? Can you shake it? Do you feel that you can still continue? ».

Because, don’t get me wrong, that guy had a concussion, but hell, when do we not have concussions when we fight? This is just my opinion. If I was in a fight and they criticized me, I’d like to be asked, ‘How do you feel? Do you think you can keep fighting? They could tell you that you should not give the athlete the option to continue because they could suffer a concussion and could suffer more brain damage, but we are already signing up for that, “he concluded Demetrious Johnson.

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