Marco Antonio Barrera and Terrible Morales will fight on July 16 on display

Marco Antonio Barrera y el Terrible Morales pelearán el 16 de julio en exhibición

Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik “Terrible” Morales He will face next July 16 in an exhibition fight that will be the fourth edition of a saga that is already one of the best trilogies in boxing history.

The exhibition fight between Morales and Barrier it will be six rounds. Most likely it will take place in the United States, although the venue is not yet confirmed.

“We are very happy to be able to get back in the ring,” he said. Erik morales to Salvador Rodriguez from ESPN. “Barrera was a great rival for me in my career, we had three fights, two of them were the best of the year, and we are just defining some things. In a few more days we will have the headquarters and see if we use a mask or if we do not use it. What has been decided is that it will be 6 rounds ”.

Erik morales He is 44 years old, he last fought in 2012; Marco Antonio BarreraOn the other hand, he is 47 years old and has been retired since 2011.

The tough rivalry between Morales and Barrera that ended in friendship

Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik “Terrible” Morales they starred in a rivalry that transcended the ropes, and reached the personal level. Their press conferences weren’t circuses, or montages, they were a real show of animosity towards one another. Press conferences often ended in coups.

Over time, that rivalry softened and ended in a good friendship, which has led both former fighters to undertake things together, such as this exhibition fight.

the same Julio Cesar Chavez is credited with helping both former fighters reconcile.

“It was going to be my daughter’s party, Nicole, and I wanted to invite both of them, but without making each other look bad ”, he recalled Chavez in interview for ESPN. “Days before the party I was able to gather them, they didn’t want to, but the three of us got together. I asked them if they had something to say to each other, but that after many years it was time for the problems to end. They are both great fighters and it was unfair that they did not greet each other. With me the enmity ended and love was born ”.

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