Retiring ?: Tyron Woodley’s coach warned of what could happen

Retiring ?: Tyron Woodley's coach warned of what could happen

The former champion of UFC, Tyron woodley, suffered a tough defeat this Saturday at UFC 260 and his future is unknown. Vicente Luque gave him a real beating in a matter of a few minutes, so his presence in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world is a gigantic doubt. Thus, Din thomas, the coach of the former division leader, left a few words about it.

In that sense, Thomas He began by saying, “I am very proud of what he did. He went out and fought, and that’s what he’s been missing for the last two years, and I was proud of him. I thought he fought really well. They just beat him up. I have no real problem with what he did Tyron, to be honest with you. In fact, he was quite proud of Tyron. He was very happy with his performance. They just cut it off.

Will you accept? Vicente Luque aims for a UFC star after submitting Tyron Woodley

“He really showed that he was a fighter, and that was the important thing. The reality was that I really just wanted Tyron will fight. That is all. Because of the last three fights, he didn’t really fight. He just showed up and tried not to finish, apparently. The only real game plan was, ‘Hey, don’t back down to the fence.’ It’s pretty much doing whatever you want, but don’t back down to the fence, ”he said.

Are you changing your company?

For its part, Din commented: ‘I can’t imagine UFC I signed it again. I think if they wanted him around, they would have renegotiated with him, so I can’t imagine them doing that. But Tyron he is a brilliant businessman. He’s a nice guy. In terms of what he’s done with his career, a lot of people can look at his career and say that he may have upset some feathers in the fighting world, but at the same time, he’s also preparing where he has options afterward.

And that’s something that not many fighters can say. He can do whatever he wants now, and I’m not saying that because his fighting career is over, because he could go to another organization and continue fighting, or he could do different things. He said he was willing to fight in anything, be it punching, whether he was fighting in Japan, he was willing to. I think it’s just a question of who is willing to pay you and then go from there, if it’s worth getting paid or channeling your energies into different things, “he closed Din thomas.

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