UFC exploded! Luke Rockhold treated Dana White as a tyrant and gangster

UFC exploded!  Luke Rockhold treated Dana White as a tyrant and gangster

The legendary former champion of UFC, Luke rockhold, it was very controversial in these hours against Dana White. After making it clear that the relationship between the two is terrible, he fired directly at the President of the most important company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. In dialogue with the press, the aforementioned did not miss the opportunity to make his opinion known.

In that sense, Rockhold He said: “Fighting is like a mafia. It is a very mafia tactic in negotiations. They try to fuck with you. I’m not going to have any of that. If you don’t know its value, someone will tell you its value and it will be less than its value. So know its value and take advantage of it yourself too. Once I lost the world title Dana White He came up to me and tried to hit me mentally and I was like ‘Fuck you’, straight out. “

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I thought I was going to do my thing, if you were going to try to offer me this shit. You know who I am and what I did. So that was the only reason I went out and got a modeling contract, so I could take advantage of it. I came back and in a year I got the fragrance with Ralph Lauren and then you have Dana and them crawling up to me like ‘Hey Luke, what do you want to do? Can you fight here? Do you want this amount of money? You want that?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s the son of a bitch,’ ”he added.

He left no puppet with a head

At the same time, Luke He stressed: “We do not have a governing body, that is also another problem. They have governing bodies everywhere, but we have a selfish guy who is a bit of a tyrant. Nobody, he’s going to try to fight you and you have to risk your fucking ass. Defend your position and you will have to take risks, otherwise you will be treated like a bitch. It is unfortunate. A guy like that thinks he can fight, thinks he’s a fighter. “

“In my last two fights, I moved up to a weight class for the first time in my career and fought Jan Blachowicz, who is now champion. My fight before that was against Yoel Romero, a world title fight in which I killed myself to gain weight. He cheated, lost weight by three pounds, and I lost a close fight there. So my last fight at middleweight was for a world title. I am right there. I know I went out, but these guys are homeless and I think I can come in and destroy the house, “he closed Luke rockhold.

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