What will happen to the Heavyweight belt in the UFC? Francis Ngannou was forceful

What will happen to the Heavyweight belt in the UFC?  Francis Ngannou was forceful

Francis Ngannou is the new Heavyweight champion, although his belt UFC still have doubts. At UFC 260, the Cameroonian knocked out Stipe Miocic, who had never been finished. In that sense, he became the first African to be the king of that division. Now, there is talk that he could possibly defend it for the first time against Jon jones, which he wants. Anyway, another name also makes noise.

Initially, Ngannou He said, ‘I want Jon Jones to be my next fight, but once again, I have nothing to say about it. I really don’t know what’s going on with Jones and UFC. I don’t know what the problem is, but once again, it’s none of my business. I’m just trying to manage my ending, which is not that easy for me. I only take care of myself. I can’t tell Jon Jones what to do. I will not be sitting here waiting for a fight because it is the only fight.

Is it coming? Francis Ngannou defended Jon Jones and wants to fight him

There are a lot of good fights out there. The list right now is full of good contenders that you will eventually want to fight. This is what I was hoping for just to stay active because in the last two years, I’ve only fought like twice and I don’t want this to happen again and I also don’t want to be responsible for someone else in the division I don’t have a title shot because I I cling to it because I am inactive, “added the Cameroonian.

Who will he fight?

Parallel, Francis he dictated: “I tried to have this fight a long time ago, but I understood that it was not my decision. Sometimes a good fight comes when you don’t even expect it. There are so many fights out there, for example, with Derrick Lewisas we never give fans what they expected to see. That is also a good fight. I think everyone wants to get paid. Whether in UFC or in the office, everyone who walks would like to be paid.

“After a few years thinking about that fight and being in line for the title and being the champion and him wanting that belt for the second time as well, I think there is a lot of momentum in this fight. To have a good fight, we were talking about résumé, Jon jones It is No. 1 pound for pound. After fighting the man who is known as the Heavyweight GOAT and then fighting the number one pound-for-pound player in the sport, as far as legacy goes, this is a good fight too, “he concluded. Francis Ngannou.

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