Who is Maciej Sulecki, Jaime Munguía’s next rival?

¿Quién es Maciej Sulecki, el próximo rival de Jaime Munguía?

Jaime Munguía He already has a defined rival for his next fight on April 24, and here we tell you who he is Maciej Sulecki, his style, his career and the highlights of his record.

Sulecki He was born in Warsaw, Poland, on May 2, 1989. He is 31 years old, and has been a professional boxer for another 12 years. It will be a clash between two tall fighters, as his height is 1.85 on the tables, but he has a shorter arm reach than expected, at 1.73.

As for his style, we can say that he is right-handed, orthodox, on high guard and tends to get messy when attacking.

He has only two losses on his record, and he has never been knocked out. Both losses were fighting at 160 pounds and against high-profile fighters like Demetrius Andrade and Daniel jacobs. Both by unanimous decision.

He received numerous blows in many of his fights, such as in his loss to Demetrius Andrade June 29, 2019. It was a beating and a unanimous decision for the American, whom Sulecki never got in trouble. During that combat, he had complicated passages. He went to the ground but, like a good warrior, the Pole always stood up to continue fighting.

His other loss was to Daniel jacobs, on May 28, 2018. The boxing development was similar to his setback against Andrade. Always with worthy attempts, and without being able to be knocked out.

In view of Jacobs He proved to have fast and precise hands, although without power. He is also usually a skilled defender, with the ability to take punches with the waist movement.

Maciej sulecki He is known for his stamina and drive, but not many boxers fear the power of his hands. He only knocked out 11 of his 29 wins. Added to these achievements are the two lost contests, mentioned above.

Among his most resounding triumphs is the one he obtained against Gabe Pink by unanimous decision to 10 rounds. This crossing occurred on May 15, 2019. Sulecki showed a good jab, ability to cut the ring to Pinkish, and a very good right hand.

His most recent fight was on August 29, 2020, when he defeated by unanimous decision Sasha yengoyan.

Maciej sulecki he seems like a fighter who can give trouble to Jaime Munguía in the early rounds of the fight. Especially because of the speed and precision of the hands that the Polish has, one might expect that he will quickly start painting the face of Munguía, but the Mexican will have to make use of his power and strength, to wear down and diminish the momentum of Sulecki.

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