Change of plans? The Seattle Seahawks move that could change Russell Wilson’s scene

Change of plans?  The Seattle Seahawks move that could change Russell Wilson's scene

The NFL is rife with rumors this offseason, and one of the biggest names in the market seems to be Russell Wilson. Rumors about a possible departure of the quarterback from Seattle Seahawks They are booming, and some media close to the American football league have taken it for granted that he will be traded. However, the franchise has renewed one of its quarterback’s main partners: Tyler Lockett.

Tension around Russell Wilson

The situation of Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawks It is a total unknown. Until a few weeks ago, a quarterback exit from Pete Carroll’s team seemed impossible, but there seems to be some discontent on the part of the player with his weak offensive tackle line. The QB averages 41 sacks per season, something that has clearly affected his playability.

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Faced with this situation, rumors have been created about a possible rupture between the player and the northern franchise, who would not oppose his transfer. In fact, the quarterback has come to sound like a substitute for Drew Brees in the New Orleans Saints. Another franchise possibly interested in your services would be the Las Vegas Raiders.

Tyler Lockett Renovation

Now, in the midst of the buzz over the rumors surrounding the marshal, Seattle Seahawks has signed a multi-million dollar extension for one of the main offensive weapons of Wilson: Tyler Lockett. Now the wide receiver has expanded his bond with the franchise, ranking among the highest paid wide receivers in the league. NFL with a 4-year, $ 69.2 million contract ($ 37 million guaranteed).

The news seems to have cheered his own Russell Wilson, who posted a message on his social networks congratulating his partner and main offensive partner. The homie! Let’s go! You deserve it. I love you, brother »was the message of the quarterback of the Seahawks. In this way, the team guarantees the permanence of one of the best wide receivers in the entire country. NFL.

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