Daniel Ricciardo already has a new bet for 2021: another tattoo?

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo he was in the team for two years Renault. There, the Australian bet before the then head of the French team, Cyril Abiteboul, that in case of achieving a podium with them they should be tattooed. After two years together, the 2020 Ricciardo managed to reach the top three twice. However, this week he bet again, although this time with McLaren.

Zak BrownCEO of McLaren, was the one who took the initiative against his driver. The businessman is a great collector of racing cars and made a proposal to the former Red Bull driver. In case of achieving a podium with the British team, Ricciardo will have the chance to drive an emblematic car of the category NASCAR. The Wrangler Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

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This car was running in NASCAR in the 1984 season, and was driven by the then driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., winner of more than 70 races in the category and seven titles. Also, your child, Dale Earnhardt Jr. He won more than 20 events and together they are motorsport idols in the United States.

The previous bet, Ricciardo managed to win it. However, a few weeks ago he assured that Cyril Abiteboul still did not fulfill his bet with him. The design of the tattoo had to be chosen by the pilot, as well as the size and the place where it would be done. On the other hand, he commented that he ruled out the possibility of tattooing himself with Brown since he hates needles.

“A few hours ago I was having dinner with Zak and he mentioned that he hates needles. I don’t think he was involved in a bet on a tattoo. We will come up with something else. I know he has a considerable collection of cars, so we can bet on one of them, “said Ricciardo. Brown, for his part, clarified that he will allow Ricciardo to drive his cars, but he will not give him any.

Daniel Ricciardo

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