Everyone’s Fantasy: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Teammates?

Max Verstappen

Many rumors circulated in the last time, in the paddock of the Formula 1. This gossip indicates that next year Max verstappen could happen to the team Mercedes, and share box with Lewis hamilton. Without a doubt, one of the most talked about fantasies by all motorsport fans. However, nobody knows what could happen in a team made up of these two figures.

The only one who dared to speak about it was Nelson Piquet. The Brazilian has the floor more than authorized to express an opinion on everything that happens in the highest category. In his record there are three World Championships, 23 victories and 60 podiums. In addition, he is one of the greatest idols of Brazilian sports, along with Ayrton senna, with whom he did not get along very well.

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Piquet has a very close relationship with Max Verstappen. His daughter, Kelly piquet, is the pilot’s partner Red bull for a few months now and they show up all the time together. That is why, in the last hours, the former Formula 1 driver spoke about a possible duo of drivers between Hamilton and Verstappen, something that all fans of the category want.

For the Motorsport.com medium, Piquet assured that “Formula 1 is a category with different cars and therefore it is difficult to make direct comparisons between drivers if they are not in the same team. Mind you, if Max were in Mercedes, I’m sure he would crush Hamilton. In my opinion, Max is better than Hamilton, “said the Brazilian without hesitation.

On the other hand, Piquet assured that Verstappen must have a teammate at the height of his talent. “I don’t want to say that Hamilton is not good, but his current teammate is of a lower level and the previous one was even worse. Max is more aggressive, may make mistakes more often. In Hamilton’s case, winning it all is easy with Valtteri Bottas next to him, “he shot.

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