Huge news! UFC reached an agreement and will pay more millions to its fighters

Huge news!  UFC reached an agreement and will pay more millions to its fighters

In these hours, it was announced that UFC will pay more millions to its fighters, thanks to the Promotional Guidelines. Being that way, the director of operations of the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts company, Lawrence Epstein, spoke with the press and explained the situation. Without a doubt, it is huge news for everyone, especially for the fighters entering the Octagon.

In that sense, Epstein He stated, “At the end of the day, we paid tens of millions of dollars in cash to athletes (with the Reebok deal). We deliver tens of millions of dollars worth of high-quality products to athletes to use at their events and in their training. With this new deal, we just wanted to do more than what we were doing, which is deliver high-quality products and pay our athletes money. “

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“We are proud to say that when it comes to cash payment to athletes, there will be general increases for each level of payment in accordance with the UFC Promotional Guidelines program. This is not a situation where UFC I’m making money out of this relationship with Venum. It is something that we feel is very important to the UFC brand and of course we are incredibly proud of the tens of millions of dollars that we have delivered and will continue to deliver, ”he added.

The numbers will change

What’s more, Lawrence He said: “This product that we are producing with Venum is of incredibly high quality. It’s manufactured to exacting standards that are specific to our athlete, and that product obviously costs money to produce. But this is not a profit center for UFC in any way, shape or form. Venum has been a part of the MMA landscape for a long time. They have been sponsors of many of our iconic fighters. “

“They are an MMA brand, so they build products for the mixed martial arts athlete, and they do a great job at that, so when we went out and we were looking for a partner on the equipment pace, we had a great relationship with Reebok. We were happy with the way things worked with Reebok and frankly we just wanted more of the same and take it to the next level with Venum, and that’s exactly what this program does. Lawrence Epstein.

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