It got hot! TJ Dillashaw insulted Cory Sandhagen and promises to liquidate him

It got hot!  TJ Dillashaw insulted Cory Sandhagen and promises to liquidate him

The former UFC champion, TJ Dillashaw, excited all the fans hours ago, shooting at Cory Sandhagen. Of course, Mixed Martial Arts has put you above many in all these years, but now you will have to keep your anxiety calm if you want to put on the division belt again. For this reason, he left interesting phrases against his next opponent, the one who has been very well present.

That way, Dillashaw he began by saying, “I like Cory Sandhagen. He’s gotten a bit of a jerk lately, talking that shit he has to do, that’s the name of the game, but I like Cory Sandhagen. I like all their coaches, I like Elevation Fight Team, but that’s the business. We’ll go out, take care of it, and I’ll go back to get my belt.

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Oh, I’m just talking shit about how I failed a drug test and then something about me taking the worst steroid you could ever take, that I wasn’t even taking a steroid. Just talking about certain interviews and things that he knows is complete nonsense. Just cheering up and feeling like he had a chance in this fight, “he also highlighted.

Wants to reign again

On the other hand, TJ He acknowledged the following in this regard: “It was not the only option, but it is the best. I love this fight. He has a lot of enthusiasm behind him. He has two good wins, people are ruining him right now, but it’s a good fight for me to get back to the top, right where I left off. I will have the belt around my waist by the end of the year, of that I am more than sure.

At the same time, TJ Dillashaw He said weeks ago: ‘Everybody has to think about going back and forth there, but no, I’m ready to go straight for the belt. If that’s the opportunity that comes my way, because I know Yan wants it, he’s already been talking about it and we’ll see what happens on March 6 when he fights Sterling. He has a tough test ahead of him, but that’s the fight he wants. I feel like I didn’t quit this sport by losing my belt.

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