Lucas Torreira: “I don’t want to play in Europe anymore, I want to go to Boca”

Lucas Torreira: "I don't want to play in Europe anymore, I want to go to Boca"

Lucas torreira spoke this Thursday on ESPN F90 and expressed his firm desire to play in Boca Juniors, an aspect that he already communicated to his representative Pablo Bentancur.

The Uruguayan is in Fray Bentos accompanying his loved ones in a difficult family moment after the death of his mother earlier this week. The footballer described this situation: “I am trying to assimilate the situation, it is difficult to understand that my mother will no longer be with us, over time we will learn to live with this pain. She died of COVID 19, we spent eleven days with my family pushing and fighting until Monday morning I received the call that my mother had lost her life. “

The 25-year-old footballer assured that he has decided to join Boca Juniors and not continue his career in Europe in order to be closer to his family.

Here are the best phrases from the interview:

“I spoke with Cholo Simeone and at Atlético de Madrid they understood the situation, they gave me one more week of leave. I asked to stay a little longer, surely Sunday or Wednesday I have to go back because beyond the pain and the desire to stay with my family I have to do my duty and get ahead, life goes on ”.

“From Boca? I always said it and I am going to say that I am dying to play in Boca, it is not now in June it will be later. I always wanted and wanted to be able to play. The night my mother died, they called me from the hospital at dawn and one of the first ones I wrote to was my representative. I told him I didn’t want to play in Europe anymore and I told him I wanted to come to Boca; this does not come from now, it has been a while since I have been playing as much as I want in Europe ”.

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