The missing word: Sébastien Loeb explained the dismissal of Daniel Elena

Sébastien Loeb

A few weeks ago, the motor world was convulsed after the confirmation that the most successful couple in the history of the Rally, Sebastien loeb and Daniel Elena they separated after more than twenty years together. This was confirmed by the Monegasque co-pilot, in a highly commented video. However, the French pilot’s word had not been heard so far.

Loeb waited a few weeks for the storm to pass to give his version of what happened between him and his eternal friend. Both continue to have a good personal relationship, despite the fact that work seems not to go back. According to Elena’s words, the decision for her dismissal was made by the team, albeit with Loeb’s consent. While the French assured that it was agreed by all parties of the competitive structure.

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In an interview with a French newspaper, Loeb stressed that the decision to fire Elena was one of the most complicated of his life, although it detaches the team from the measure. On the other hand, he explained that after more than twenty years with Daniel Elena, he will take another path, although their friendship will remain the same. Together they achieved nine championships of the WRC.


“It was a complicated decision, but one of those that are necessary. It was a sports, performance theme. He was convinced that he had to. However, doing it and advertising it was something that was extremely complicated. Having to do it and tell him, Daniel, my friend. It was very hard. Maybe I didn’t do it in the best possible way, ”Loeb reflected.

On the other hand, he assured that after the statement, he spoke with Elena and clarified all the problems they have between them. «For me he is a friend. I spoke to him openly, as any friend would. I may not use the correct manners and I apologize for that. We were a WRC couple and we got into a completely different system and I think it was not enough, ”said the multi-champion French.

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