Will it be able to? Emmanuel Sanchez, confident in taking away the Bellator title from Patrício Freire

Will it be able to?  Emmanuel Sanchez, confident in taking away the Bellator title from Patrício Freire

In it Bellator 255, Emmanuel sanchez will have the chance to dethrone the unstoppable Patrício Freire. Of course, this will not be easy for him, but adversity always made him stronger. He understands the situation perfectly and that is precisely what empowers him to want to win the division title. Will it succeed? It will take a few hours to find out.

Sanchez (20-4 MMA, 12-3 BMMA) will not have it easy against the “Pitbull” Freire (31-4 MMA, 19-4 BMMA), who has defended his belt tremendously throughout his career. On this occasion, being a rematch between them, the duel has become one of the most anticipated of the year in Mixed Martial Arts. Although the two will take care of their own, there is probably a promise of a knockout.

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More confident than ever

Initially, Sanchez He stressed: “There is no pressure on me. I am the underdog. They are expected to kill me and kill me and worse than the first time. Who knows what other people want to think and discard me? It’s okay. That has been the story of my life and the story of my career in Bellator until now. There will always be the biggest guy, the strongest guy, this guy, that guy. Everything is fine”.

«Lower, higher, big or small, they will all fall. I’m really going to let it all loose and trust my instincts and believe in my greatness. I know that the first time it was a bit more to find my potential, to see and almost feel his power, his speed, his strength, his endurance, knowing that at that moment, he was still champion-champion and one of the best. Now, he just came out to prove it, defeating Michael Chandler and becoming the lightweight champion, “he added.

To close, Emmanuel sanchez He explained: «Then, defending his title throughout this race we are in. I’ve had the pleasure of being in the cage of all these fights you’ve had recently. I still see those holes. I still see those opportunities that I know I can take advantage of. He faced great fighters who had the potential to beat him, but didn’t have the style to beat him. I know what I do”.

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