Advances: this is how Tom Brady’s recovery after his surgery goes

Advances: this is how Tom Brady's recovery after his surgery goes

After his amazing feat in the last Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom brady prepares for a new season of the NFL at 43 years old. The greatest player of all time continues on vacation, as he recovers from knee surgery. Champion franchise owner Jason Licht gave previews of TB12’s condition.

Tom brady and the Buccaneers announced after the victory in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs that the quarterback would undergo a “minor surgical procedure” on his left knee. This was a week after the controversial celebration of the champion team of the NFL in Tampa Bay, where they did a water parade.

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Tom Brady Recovery

I spoke to him last week. I know things are going well. I don’t want to put an exact deadline on it for now, because I don’t want to set expectations one way or the other, but I know things are going very well »were the words of the owner Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ensuring that everything is going positively for the next season.

According to the ESPN network, the operation of Tom brady It was not at all a surprise after the ‘Big Game’ against the Kansas City Chiefs. The source assures that the ‘GOAT’ played a large part of the 2020-2021 campaign with discomfort in his left knee. The surgical intervention on his leg would have been planned for a couple of months before the Super Bowl.

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While Jason Licht did not dare to give an estimated date for the return of the quarterback from the Los Buccaneers, is expected to be ready for the start of the 2021 preseason. The same head coach of the champion franchise of the NFL He said publicly that he hopes to have his star quarterback by next June.

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