Devotion for the National Team: James aims high for Eliminatory and America’s Cup

Devotion for the National Team: James aims high for Eliminatory and America's Cup

James Rodriguez dares to think big with the Colombia selection. In two months the Playoffs and the America Cup in the country, two challenges for which he trusts to arrive in his best soccer level.

He swore eternal love to that shirt. The Tricolor mobilizes your feelings, empowers his need for glory, feels it his own. On the 10th, he told ESPN’s SportsCenter of his desire to lift the team in the Eliminatory and to crown this generation with a continental title..

He will meet again with the National Team in June. First against Brazil and Paraguay for the World Cup qualifying round and then at the Copa América in Barranquilla for the debut against Ecuador.

Win Copa América or qualify for the World Cup: The two options. I am a person who wants everything, who always wants to win when he is playing or competing for something. There is quality for that, the players in Colombia are trained for all that. I see players who in their clubs are doing things well, you have to think that it is possible.

Reinaldo Rueda: I have spoken with some colleagues and only good references. He is a great guy, a great person, a great coach, you have to be able to be well with him, help those of us who have been there for a long time, so that everything makes it much easier for him.. He is a person who has experience, He has been in big clubs, in national teams and I think it will be easy for himBecause our group is healthy and wants to win, learn things.

America’s Cup in Colombia: Playing at home is good, but I hope there is a public and that people are safe. Playing without an audience is training, it is no longer football. Winning it is in my mind and in that of my teammatesIt is true that we are at home but we have to go game by game. When you want to win something you have to think about the day to day, we are for that.

Relationship with technicians: I come up with ideas. “What do you think of this, what do you think of the other?” and he is the one who commands. With Queiroz I played on the right wing and openly told him, “Wherever you want to put me, I’ll play”; but “what do you think of this?” It is only to give ideas to the coaches, obviously with a lot of respect… if he wants to put me on the left back there, yes, I already say no, because I never played there. With Queiroz I was always open to everything, if they want to put me on the left wing, a false nine, I already played there.

Is more demanded of this generation of Selection? Yes and that’s okay, because the more you get things, people want more. The boys of this generation and those who have already left, did good things, both in European football and in Colombia, and it is normal, it is something that arises on its own. When a country gets things, the country wants more.

Match with England 2018: If I had been physically fit, the story would be otherwise. Fate says that Colombia was left out, but if I had been, things would have been different, because in conditions I know it would have helped a lot. I joked to Pickford one day: “If I had been, you were out.”

What you expect with Selection: I saw an interview with Rueda about what he is going to ask of the referents and he says that the game is going to ask for it, so we have to wait against who we play, at what moment we are. I am open to play where Reinaldo wants.

A title for this generation: I’ve talked to a few guys and we say let’s have something to eat. Those of us who have been for a long time we deserve to reach a final and win it, we have been close, something is always missing, you have to prepare more.

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