He was true to his word! Bruce Arians got a tattoo after his Super Bowl win

He was true to his word!  Bruce Arians got a tattoo after his Super Bowl win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers continues to celebrate his triumph in the Super bowl. After the euphoria of the victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, the time has come to pay promises, and that is exactly what the head coach has done, Bruce arians. The 68-year-old coach promised that if he lifted the Vince Lombardi, he would get a tattoo, and he ultimately delivered.

What of Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the last Super bowl it was simply awesome. Despite the addition of the great Tom Brady, few imagined that the Florida franchise was going to take center stage this season. However, they have surprised everyone by getting into the ‘Big Game’, and forcefully defeating the top favorite for the title.

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The ‘Bucs’ victory was historic for multiple reasons. The team was the first to play a Super bowl in local condition, and therefore the first to win in his own stadium. Also, the story of Bruce arians has been the inspiration of many, since it is a coach who had his first opportunity as a head coach in 2012 at the age of 60.

Bruce Arians got the Super Bowl logo tattooed

The victory of the Buccaneers in it Super bowl it was something very few imagined, even within the same Tampa team. That is why Arians assured during the season that, if he managed to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy, he would tattoo the logo of the Super Bowl LV along with the Florida state franchise crest.

Now, almost 2 months later, the coach has kept his word. Bruce arians published on his official Twitter account the photograph of his tattoo of the logo of the Super bowl, along with the shield of the champion franchise of the NFL. «I am a man of my word: ‘when we win the Super bowlI’ll get a tattoo, ‘well, I got mine and I love it!’

Official Twitter Bruce Arians

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