“It’s the best thing that could happen,” says Gallo Estrada’s coach about the trilogy with Chocolatito

Román González y Juan Francisco Estrada

Alfredo Caballero, coach of Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada, was excited about the possible closure of the trilogy with Román “Chocolatito” González, after the super fly tournament announced by the CMB.

“I think it’s the best thing that could happen, for everyone as a team,” he said. gentleman in interview for Fox Sports. “For fans of Mexico, Nicaragua and everyone, really everyone wins with the closing of the trilogy ”.

The fight on March 13 raised great expectations before the meeting on the ring. The combat that the Rooster and the Chocolatito gave caused it to be talked about as the fight of the year.

The Mexican collected a rematch by decision divided by cards of 115-113, 117-111 and 113-115. Due to 117-111, the AMB suspended the judge Carlos Sucre.

A few days ago, the CMB announced a 115-pound tournament in which the best four in the division will meet to define the undisputed champion.

Among the actions taken is the closing of the trilogy between the Rooster and Roman, postponing the mandatory challenge of the Thai Sr. Rungvisai.

While the Thai will be measured at Carlos Cuadras within this tournament, to later face the winner of the closing of the trilogy between Gonzalez and Estrada.

Designation as franchise champion

Likewise, gentleman stressed that the designation as franchise champion, imposed by the CMB for him Rooster It has been a great motivation for him to close the year on top as the strongest card in the division.

“Estrada is happy to be the franchise champion and with the possibility of closing the trilogy with him Chocolatito”, He pointed out. “Only fights as big as this have a huge impact and we didn’t want to wait long to repeat it.”

Although there is still no set date for these clashes, it is expected that at the end of the year both Estrada, Rungvisai, González and Stables have closed the tournament to define the new owner of the belt of the CMB.

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