Maravilla Martínez gives you a 40% scholarship for courses at WBC University, the boxing university

Maravilla Martínez regala becas del 40% para cursos en WBC University, la universidad del boxeo

The World Boxing Council and the former world champion Sergio “Wonder” Martinez they made an alliance. The objective is to disseminate the international training and certification courses, taught remotely by WBC University, the only boxing university in the world.

On the virtual platform, WBCUniversity.comEveryone can train to be a boxing coach, referee, judge and nutritionist.

This time, with the support of Wonder Martinez In the dissemination campaign, they hope to reach a greater number of fans with the incentive of having a special scholarship.

During April the four courses begin. Potential participants are in time to sign up.

Nutrition and Weight in Boxing – 5th of April

Trainer – 6 of April

Boxing Judge – April 12th

Boxing Referee – April 13th

Said remote face-to-face educational model allows students to have their classes in real time online. From anywhere, to a shared time, but in an individual space. Everything will be given through a personalized and flexible dynamic system.

“We have achieved a 40% scholarship for Argentine and world boxing fans, entering the code for two weeks “Wonderful” within the registration platform. It is a tempting discount at an ideal time in the world to study at a distance ”, he said. Adrian Michelena, communication advisor to the Argentine boxer.

Include the code Wonderful to receive 40% scholarship at WBC University

“I want to highlight the effort and joint work of Wonderful and from CMB, two giants worldwide. They always seek to improve boxing, with healthy initiatives. I especially thank Xochitl Lagarda, Mauricio and Hector Sulaiman, friends of the CMB, who had the vision of launching this initiative that will give job opportunities to many people “, he continued Michelena.

Review of a course at WBC University

LEFT PUNCH enrolled members of its editorial team in the course of Boxing Judge of the WBC University. This, with the aim of enriching your knowledge to evaluate a boxing fight. The results were remarkable, as the course exceeded expectations.

The course lasts two weeks, and the Study Plan covers the obligations of the Boxing Judge before, during and after the fight.

But the most valuable part of the course is, without a doubt, the live and remote group sessions, which are led by Omar Mintun Escalona, which has been WBC Judge, in dozens of world title fights.

In these sessions, students see dozens of rounds that are difficult to score. At the end of each round, they give their respective scores, and discuss them among all with Mintun. The experienced judge gives his feedback for, for example, in which cases to give 10-8 on a card if there is no fall; or what criteria to weigh, beyond the blows, when a round is extremely close. And of course, with each round, multiple doubts arise in the students, that the judge answers one by one with clarity.

The student also has access to the official guide of a Boxing Judge what does he give you CMB, which becomes an indispensable tool to have more tools to score a fight.

At the end of the course, the CMB provide a certificate that the course has been completed.

It is definitely a course with enough quality and interest to satisfy the concerns of all those red-bone boxing fans who want to increase their knowledge at a professional level from the specific perspective of the boxing judge.

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