Red Bull still impressed by Sergio Pérez’s career

Sergio Pérez

What a first day at the office he had Sergio perez. The Mexican had had a qualifying day to forget, but he wanted to go back in the race, his maximum potential. As soon as the previous lap started, ‘Checo’ stopped in the middle of the track: his engine said enough. However, he was able to turn it on, although he should start the race from the pits. His comeback impressed the whole team Red bull.

Although he wanted to fight for victory in his first race with Red Bull, the Mexican knows that the fifth place obtained last weekend tastes of glory. From almost giving up to scoring good points in the championship fight, it is no small thing. The question also remains in his head: what would have happened if he classified better or the engine did not turn off? Without a doubt, Pérez would be on a new podium.

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‘Checo’ did not want to disappoint his new bosses, and he fulfilled his goal. Your new teammate, Max verstappen, he took all the lights in the fight for the victory. But for the fans, Pérez was the best driver of the race, even above his partner, who was second. He was not only the driver of the race for the fans, but for the leaders of Red Bull.

Proud of him

Helmut Marko, a sports advisor to Red Bull, and one of the most important men in the Formula 1, I highlight the work that Pérez did in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Marko assured that at times, ‘Checo’ came to ride faster than the Dutchman during the race and filled him with praise. “In terms of speed it is on the same level as Verstappen,” said Marko.

“Unfortunately, it was not like that in qualifying. The positive thing was that he lost most of the time in turn 1. Already during the tests, in sector 3 he was faster than Max. The only problem is that you have to achieve it throughout the lap, “said Marko, who despite this, commented that he was very impressed with Pérez’s first test with the Austrian team.

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