They investigate a clandestine party at the Vélez sports center

They investigate a clandestine party at the Vélez sports center

Vélez is involved in a legal problem and for issues that have nothing to do with football, or yes? The Justice of the City of Buenos Aires, through Celsa Victoria Ramírez, prosecutor specialized in mass events,

investigates a clandestine party in the barbecue area of ​​the sports center. The images went viral and generated outrage in the partners of the Liniers institution and in the rest of society, which has been suffering meeting restrictions due to the Covid pandemic that is even worsening in Argentina in recent days.

Although Vélez did not issue an official statement, Mariano Lizardo, Recording Secretary and President of the club’s legal department explained the following: “the club went to the prosecutor’s office to provide evidence, last night they made an ocular search of the place, home search and visual inspection That was agreed, it was not a raid. We authorized a birthday party, as is being done, with the protocols, a partner had requested it and it was authorized. “

Lizardo added that “most of the leaders were in San Juan when this happened, but clearly we have a responsibility because it was done at the club’s facilities. The leadership is exposed and the member, if he gets angry, is right: he cannot go to the field, continues to pay the fee, and finds this. “

The leader, who was appointed to explain the position of the club, admitted that there was an infraction of article 205 of the penal code and the contravening code of the city, a violation of the municipal authorization granted and that there may be a partial disqualification of the Sports Center. Although there is still no sanction, the fitting out of the Amalfitani stadium is not at risk. “

The event occurred this Wednesday night. There, at the club’s facilities, on Avenida Juan B. Justo, in the Federal Capital, a group of people met at the famous cop’s barbecue area and held a party that was attended by the cumbia and rap artist L- Ghent. It was while Velez’s main team was playing in San Juan for the Diego Maradona Cup.

In the videos that went around on social networks, you can see the artist singing with a personalized Fortín shirt and many people around without respecting the distance and without a chinstrap.

Last Saturday, after the elections in which four lists participated, 5242 members voted and the ruling party took 40% of the votes (2106), in the midst of the festivities, there would have been a driving license for “La Gang” met to watch the game in the barbecue area of ​​the club’s sports center. Something common for many years since most are partners. Then came the party, which was joined by hundreds of people attracted by the presence of the ragman L-Ghent.

After the analyzes carried out with the cameras in the club’s quinchos, the City Justice informed that they will be summoned to declare leaders of the institution. As it transpired, the José Amalfitani stadium, where on Sunday Vélez will host Unión for the League Cup, will not be closed, since the party did not take place there. That punishment could fall on the Sports Center, located at the other end of the entity, on Juan B. Justo avenue.

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