Valentino Rossi disappointed after Marco Lucchinelli’s criticism: “It hurts me that it’s him”

Valentino Rossi.

In the last hours, Valentino rossi was widely criticized by the World Champion of MotoGP from 1981, Marco Lucchinelli, who assured that it is time for the Italian to leave the activity. In his words, Valentino should make room for a young rider who performs better than him. For his part, number 46 assured that he was bothered by the words of the former pilot: “It hurts me that it is him,” said Valentino.

In the preview of the first round of free practice of the second date, Valentino echoed the words of the former Italian pilot, and chose La Gazzetta dello Sport to answer you. Valentino said that it is striking that Lucchinelli has those words towards him, since he is a great friend of his father. In addition, he revealed a ‘double face’ of the former pilot.

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Lucchinelli’s words

This Thursday, the former 1981 champion assured that age is taking its toll on Valentino Rossi, as the younger drivers are making a big difference out of him. «Leave the motorcycle to a young man. He hasn’t won for three years and he won the last World Cup in 2009. He always ran to win, but now he’s running to get there. I’m not mad at him, but he keeps looking for excuses.

Vale’s Response

For his part, the now pilot of Yamaha petronas responded harshly to these criticisms. «It pains me that it is Marco Lucchinelli who says this, because he was a great friend of Graziano (his father), we were very good friends and every time he sees me he’s super nice to me. I’d say lick my ass. But maybe it’s a bad way to put it. I don’t know, at a certain point he began to speak ill of me, but I don’t know why.

Valentino wants to end the discussion, and understands that Lucchinelli’s words will not affect him. However, he confessed that he made a request to his friends about these issues. ‘Everyone can have an opinion. The important thing is the results. If I can go strong, everyone will join me. If I don’t succeed, they will keep telling me to retire. I only hope one thing, and I told my friends already Uccio (his right hand): when I’m old I don’t want to be like them, “he said with a laugh.

Source: Official Twitter Valentino Rossi

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