What can Lucas Torreira give Boca?

What can Lucas Torreira give Boca?

Lucas Torreira did not walk around when speaking in ESPN F90. “I don’t want to play in Europe anymore. I want to come to Boca ”, he said.

The Uruguayan player is on loan to Atlético de Madrid until the end of the season and then should return to England to fulfill his contract for two more seasons at Arsenal. Torreira has already told his representative, Pablo Bentancur, what his plans were, but the negotiation is not easy.

If the story ends with a happy ending for Torreira, Xeneize will ensure a top-level player who will give the team many benefits.

Torreira feels comfortable pivoting at 4-4-2. Attentive to the cut or support, to swing or go out playing, it is the ideal support in that game system. Something more tied is noticed when he plays indoors with a partner by his side.

Among its virtues, it stands out a very good sweep, with a high degree of efficiency. In addition, he is intuitive when cutting passes, adept at detecting space and putting his foot at the right moment and quickly in the forward bilge. This allows you to quickly recover the ball when your team loses it.

Intense and committed, the Uruguayan makes solidarity a flag at game time. Able to unfold in the field, he never spares efforts.

It is agile and tactically applied. Although it suffers in the open field, in confined spaces it is very reliable. Despite measuring 1.68, he wins several duels overlooked thanks to his positioning and intuition.

Torreira seldom takes risks in his own field. The player dominates the spin and the short pass and is aware that his position requires a quick touch of the ball.

However, if he must drive at speed towards the rival’s field, he does so correctly, thanks to the correct positioning of the body and his power. The low center of gravity gives you better balance to move with greater agility and speed than rivals on the pitch.

Torreira also improved the medium and long distance passes. Although he does it less frequently and only when he feels confident, he has outdone himself in that area of ​​the game. The last sample with the Uruguayan National Team shirt was the pass for Suárez that led to Cavani’s goal in the last game with Argentina played in Tel Aviv. There, near the area, he took a quality leap in his decision-making.

His punching is another strong point, so much so that he knew how to be the executor of the stopped balls in the national team, and his dry and well-directed shot from outside the area gives the team an alternative attack.

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