Zinedine Zidane: “No one is to blame for Sergio Ramos’s injury”

Zinedine Zidane: "No one is to blame for Sergio Ramos's injury"

MADRID – Zinedine Zidane came out in defense of his captain Sergio Ramos, after the injury that occurred last Wednesday after the match between Spain and Kosovo. The Madrid coach publicly exonerated his player.

“No one is to blame here. We know the player and the captain who he is and who always wants to be. Some damage has been done and I hope he recovers quickly, ”said Zidane.

Asked again about the loss of Ramos, Zidane insisted that he does not set deadlines for the recovery of the center. ESPN reported Friday that the one from Camas will be off the pitch for a month.

Ramos’s participation in matches with Spain has been harshly criticized from within Real Madrid. Zidane wanted to be clear, insisting that the summons of Luis Enrique was something “normal”.

“It was good to go to the national team. It is true that he did not play with us. It was a normal process. There he played a little. After the game I had a feeling, a small injury, and I hope he comes back with us, but it’s normal. There is a selector who selects his players and that’s it. Then you can or you can not and that’s it. Sergio was eligible and then what happened happened ”, said the Madrid coach.

After the criticism and, above all, the fact of missing the most important stage of the season, Zidane was asked if all this could condition the renewal of Ramos.

“I don `t believe. What we want is for Sergio to stay here. For what it has done and for what it represents. We are always in contact with the national team and with the club. It couldn’t be helped, sadly. Like many injuries this year. The injury thing is too much ”.

Ahead of the game against Eibar, Eden Hazard and Toni Kroos trained with the group, but they remain doubtful and Zidane does not want to take any risks. And, much less, with the Belgian.

“We have no plan. Again. We go day by day. We are not going to force anything. The important thing is that he is recovered. It’s better, much better. I can’t tell you if I see it in five days or a week. If it’s three days from now, then better ”, commented the Madrid coach about Hazard.

As for Kroos, who was absent from his commitment to Germany due to muscular discomfort, Zidane admitted that “he is better and has trained with us, but we are not going to be stupid either because there are many games”.

Finally, Zidane did not want to comment on Real Madrid’s meeting with Erling Haaland’s representative, Mini Raiola, and the player’s father. Both met in Valdebebas with the Madrid leadership to learn about the club’s intentions with the Borussia Dortmund striker. As ESPN reported, the meeting was “cordial” and the objective was to know the intentions of both parties in the event that Real Madrid decides to try to sign the Norwegian.

“I get tired of saying the same thing. Everything that can happen abroad, and even more so as a player that is not mine … I am only interested in tomorrow. If you ask me again I will answer the same thing. Because it is also true. It’s my job, what we do. My day to day is thinking about tomorrow. What can happen next year will be seen ”, concluded Zidane.

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