Arsenal de Sarandí vs. River Plate – Game Report – April 3, 2021

Arsenal de Sarandí vs.  River Plate - Game Report - April 3, 2021

( – River failed against Arsenal in their visit to Sarandí: Marcelo Gallardo’s team drew goalless against the last in the table, for the eighth date of Zone 1 of the Professional League Cup.

The millionaire now has 12 points and with one more match than some of his direct rivals he is among the top four in the table, and among those who will enter the quarterfinals of the tournament. But everything is very even, and could finish this day outside the top 4.

Anyway, Gallardo’s least concern is the location on the table. It gives the feeling, at least in the last games, that the rivals took the pulse of the team.

Against Racing last date, he could not convert either and took a draw with little flavor, playing at home and with one more man from 10 minutes into the second half.

This time, against the last of the table, who added his second point of the tournament, he could not score either; Arsenal even played one man less in the last 20 minutes of the game.

If there was a team that should have taken Sarandí’s three points, it was River. He dominated his rival almost the entire match, especially in the second half. But as it has been happening to him, that overwhelming dominance at times that he exerts over the rival is not enough to make the difference.

In the first half the game was more even. River commanded the field of play, showing the pressure and solidity of always.

With the returns of Angileri on the left and Montiel on the right, the millionaire managed to open the bands and have more chances when looking for spaces.

But the dominance was not enough to break a defense well stopped. And to an Arsenal that when it could try to fight the game in the visiting field.

In the complement, Gallardo had Carrascal enter through Julián Alvarez. The presence of the Colombian sought to clarify those closed spaces, he tried to connect that precise pass for the partner’s hand-to-hand.

At some point he found it, but he lacked a bit of fairness in the final stretch of the court to make a difference.

Already 15 from the end, when Farioli was sent off for a double yellow, River seemed to be closer to victory. The local only defended and increasingly closer to his bow. However, he did not make the play that gave him three points.

It is known, the rivals know what River is playing and they try by all means to cancel it. They shrink the court, force him to play in very tight spaces and have absolute precision. The absence of Nacho Fernández in the midfield is undoubtedly a valid reason when analyzing these shortcomings of Núñez’s team.

Although he could not win, the peace of mind of the millionaire comes from knowing that in these last games he only missed the goal. Opening the result, everything changes for Gallardo’s men, and with an advantage and spaces, the development of the game is usually different.

Now, River will seek to retaliate for the Argentine Cup, this Wednesday and against Atlético Tucumán, when it will try to reach the round of 16, where it expects nothing less than Boca.

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