Boca Juniors vs. Defense and Justice – Party Report – April 3, 2021

Boca Juniors vs.  Defense and Justice - Party Report - April 3, 2021

Boca won again and added three key points to continue in the race in Zone 2 of the Professional League Cup. With goals from Tevez and Zárate, the Ribera team won 2 to 1 against Defensa and Justicia and now entered the qualifying zone for the quarterfinals.

Now, those of Miguel Angel Russo add 13 points and are third in the table, three behind Lanús and Vélez, who must play their match against Unión (Tatengue has 11). Independiente, who lost with Talleres (12), adds the same amount as the xeneize. All very even in the group, when there are 15 left to go.

For Boca, the three points were important, since they had not won at La Bombonera since last December 27. In this 2021 he added five draws and one defeat.

The first to hit was Defense and Justice. And he did it with the famous ex law. After a very good team play and a long possession, where there were almost 30 touches, Walter Bou did not forgive and scored the 1 to 0.

The scorer was in an advanced position, but in any case the merit of Defense was to keep the ball in his possession and beyond being slow and announced at the beginning, he accelerated in the final stretch of the court, right in the place where he had to do it. .

All a signal for the xeneize the goal of Bou; The Russian team have just loaned Wanchope Abila, they suffer from the lack of a benchmark in the area and Bou, who was not taken into account at the club by Russo at the end of 2020, made that lack more noticeable.

Boca once again suffered from the lack of football and game generation. Undoubtedly the absence of Cardona, who would return on the following date, is important, but beyond the presence of the Colombian, with him on the court the team also showed deep potholes in creation.

With or without Cardona, anyway, Boca stands out for its individualities and depends on the stopped ball. Thus, at 18 minutes, a corner kick from the kid Zeballos came to the head of Izquierdoz; the ball bounced off Tevez, then on another defender and Carlitos again left for 1 to 1, in a typical 9 goal.

In the complement, Russo made Zárate enter through Zeballos with the idea of ​​adding more connections that could generate some football. It did not change the game much, but Defense was not the same as the first half. And Boca had his chance.

At 20 minutes it was 2 to 1. Tevez sent a cross into the area that the former Vélez connected very well first. Unsaín covered but rebounded, and Zárate himself took the ball to put the local ahead.

Boca did not have football, although once again it took advantage of renowned players. Tevez was the figure and Zárate, who entered well, was important. But the team does not appear. The line of three is under construction, the middle does not press and above the area reference is missing, which this Saturday was in the opposite team.

Defense was angry because he was superior in the first half, but could not maintain the advantage and the local gave it back without doing too much to deserve it.

As a reward, consolation or not so much, there is the possibility of winning nothing less than the South American Recopa: in the week he will receive Palmeiras, champion of the Libertadores, for the first leg final (Varela’s men have just been consecrated in the South American Cup).

Boca was satisfied. He needed this win after three winless games in the tournament. Now he settled better on the table. What is missing is to better accommodate the team, which still does not provide answers.

In added time, Sebastián Villa had victory on his feet with a shot from the penalty spot, but goalkeeper Sosa stopped him and prevented Rojo from falling.

The goals of the match were scored by Gastón Togni, 24 minutes into the first stage, and by Carlos Zambrano at nine minutes of the complement.

With this result, xeneize is still out of the top four that advance to the quarterfinals. He adds 10 points and is in sixth place, although he could be surpassed by Gimnasia this Monday, if Lobo defeats Huracán. Independiente is second, with 13 points, three behind the leader Vélez (16).

The first half started entertaining. Messiniti almost connected after a great pass from Menéndez where Andrada reacted quickly to slap the ball.

And immediately, a reply from Boca left Villa in goal position: the forced shot hit the crossbar and then Maroni almost put the 1-0.

Boca was dangerous in the first minutes, when he found spaces to make Villa or Maroni run.

But the game was open and balanced. Until at 24 minutes, Palacios overflowed Fabra and sent a cross that Togni cebeceó to the network, after a bad start by Andrada.

Independiente was more than Boca, and at 31 minutes Palacios was close to 2 to 0 after going hand in hand with Andrada, but Zambrano did not let him finish: Menéndez, who came from behind, almost scored the second goal but kicked over the crossbar .

Boca did not find the course in that first half, where Independiente had to stay with 10: Insaurralde entered Villa with the end caps while the Colombian was on the ground and should have seen the red one.

In the second half, the xeneize quickly found equality. A foul on Capaldo led to a well-executed free kick by Zárate (he had entered for Maroni), for Zambrano with a header to score 1 to 1.

They were 10 minutes into the game and there was a lot ahead. But unlike the first half, the match was very messy. A lot of strong leg and little game tarnished the classic, although the match did not lose emotion because the two defended leaving many spaces. Anything could happen.

A weak exit from Andrada, who collided with Almendra, almost left Independiente the victory in the 25th minute; Before, the young Velasco, who had already entered through Menéndez, had the second close, but his shot was diverted in Zambrano.

But it was Boca who had his chance at the end. A center to the local area ended with a clear hand from Costa, and the referee sanctioned a penalty.

Villa, who had been scoring in the last games from that route, defined to the right of the goalkeeper, who guessed the intention and saved his team from a certain defeat.

The Red one was more satisfied by the tie. He is in the qualifying zone, three behind the leader, and from the hand of Falcioni he found a game idea.

Boca continues to search for his identity. This time, Russo returned to the line of three, with Zambrano, Izquierdoz and Rojo, but the team is still a game in the midfield and cannot be associated from the collective. It depends only on the individualities.

Defense and Justice are coming to Boca, in a good step by the hand of Beccacece, and he cannot afford not to win. El Rojo will visit Talleres, another risk rival in the Professional League Cup.

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