Change of category? Lewis Hamilton is already thinking about the future: “It’s quite Therapeutic”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton is the best known figure in the world of the Formula 1. The seven-time champion forged a more than outstanding image, which made him win the most important awards and decorations in the sport. However, the pilot of Mercedes He has already started working to change his profession after his career. «It is quite therapeutic«, He assured in a note.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Briton assured that both he and his classmates are making art in the world of sports and compared Formula 1 to painting. In his words, both professions leave something for posterity and fans should take advantage of this condition.

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What we do is an art form. I don’t know if it looks that way. It is actually an art form. If you look at a painter, who tries to find his strokes, it is the same with us as pilots, “said Hamilton. In addition, he added that day by day his work is ‘perfecting’. “We are constantly doing it. I suppose you are creating art while taking a walk.

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On the other hand, Hamilton recalled that many people advised him not to go to Mercedes in 2013, a reason that generated the most successful team-driver duo in the history of Formula 1, after Michael Schumacher and Ferrari. “Don’t go, most of them told me.” Probably more than 90% told me that. It was an opportunity for me, to grow in a team that was not at the top, but that had a lot of potential.


A few years ago, Hamilton made a well-known song under the pseudonym XNDA, next to Christina Aguilera. There he discovered something that Hamilton has wanted to do for several years, music. “I never wanted to be a poop star or something like that, I just liked to create. I’m still doing it today and it’s quite therapeutic. When I put it on my friends they say, “I should do something!” I have much more to share, so maybe I will do it and show a little more, “said the seven-time champion.

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