Jamel Herring dominated and knocked out Carl Frampton in the sixth round

Jamel Herring, campeón súper pluma de la OMB

Jamel herring continues as super featherweight champion of the OMB by knocking out in the sixth round Carl Frampton, in his third successful defense of the scepter, on an undercard of Top rank made in Dubai.

The fight was only one-sided, with the American taking advantage of the distance he always maintained and which, when not, made the British pay when he sought to shorten it.

From the first bell, Herring began to connect the right jab and the straight lefts began to enter, both in the upper and lower zone, leaving no possibilities for Frampton.

When Carl he wanted to cut the distance was unsuccessful, despite some sparks in which his blows entered.

However, in that attempt to Frampton trying to shorten the distance, he ate several fists and when Jamel He kept him at a distance, he also made him pay.

The fourth round was in which Carl Frampton He had a better performance, managing to enter, although receiving punishment in exchange for being able to connect some blows. Still, he didn’t win that round, either.

For the fifth, in the attempt to enter, Herring He launched a left straight that connected and sent the Briton to the canvas, who managed to recover and finish the assault.

But for the next episode, the superiority of Jamel herring continuous. A left uppercut put him back on the ground. Frampton and although he recovered, his legs were limp. The American was launched by the British, who responded by throwing a few fists, but Herring He landed power shots and the corner of Carl decided to throw in the towel.

The official knockout time was 1:40 in six rounds.

The reactions of both boxers

“It was a great rise and fall of emotions, because everyone doubted me,” he confessed Jamel herring. “But I wasn’t going to give up on everything and the cut. He is a tremendous champion and I am his fan, it is sad to see the veteran leave like this. It was a great test, but it is also Oscar Valdez. If it’s available, go ahead. ”

“I am sad, I said that I would retire if I did not win and I will fulfill my family,” he said. Carl Frampton after the defeat. “Boxing was a very big thing for me. The best caught me tonight, I have no excuses, I had a great camp and they shouldn’t interview me, if not the champion ”.

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