The best lightweight in the world? Patrício Freire claims his fame in MMA

The best lightweight in the world?  Patrício Freire claims his fame in MMA

The extraordinary fighter of Bellator, Patrício Freire, he is not happy with how they see him in the MMA. According to him, accompanied by his numbers and achievements, he is the best Lightweight in the world. The two-division champion is somewhat upset about the chance he will have Michael chandler in the UFC, who will go for the title vacated by Khabib Nurmagomedov. Notably, the “Pitbull” knocked him out at the previous company.

Therefore, starting with his sayings, Freire acknowledged: “The victory of Chandler It means the UFC will have to put up with having the second best lightweight in the world, who lost to a guy who came from a smaller weight class. They’re going to have to realize that the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is not from the UFC. It is Bellator and his name is Patrício Pitbull ».

In the Bellator 255 preview, Patrício Freire made fun of AJ Mckee and dreams of another title

“For me, those rankings are shit number one. He wasn’t really angry. I was just giving my opinion. It’s kind of silly that you have to Michael chandler fighting for the UFC title, but only a few months ago, I knocked him out in less than a minute “, also communicated the” Pitbull “, who clearly wants to have a rematch against the UFC fighter.

«If the second fighter with the most victories is going to Bellator and he’s fighting for a title, it’s absurd to have the person who knocked him out at No.21. What changed to make such a big separation between Chandler and me? I’ve already beaten four or five generations of the best Bellator fighters. I moved up a weight class and took the head off the greatest lightweight ever. It doesn’t really matter who they bring. I will win them all », he closed Patrício Freire.

His previous sayings

Days ago, the champion of Bellator expressed: «My rivalry against Chandler it was personal. The same night he defeated my brother, he said he could beat my whole family. I made him pay for his words by knocking him unconscious inside the cage in a minute. Both casual and hardcore MMA fans must understand that it is the athlete that matters, not the organization.

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