Tremendous dart from Jorge Lorenzo to Valentino Rossi: «Age takes its toll»

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo seems to have given up any idea of ​​being back in the paddock of MotoGP. In recent days, the former pilot of Yamaha and Sling he opened his ‘journalistic’ work and began to analyze the championship. This time, the Spaniard spoke about the performance of his former partner, Valentino rossi and criticized him for his intention to continue in activity: «Age takes its toll«Said Lorenzo.

On your channel Youtube, ‘99Seconds‘, Lorenzo analyzes the preview and post of each Grand Prix of the 2021 MotoGP season. However, after publishing a new video, he gave an interview to the medium ‘Autobild‘. There, Lorenzo reviewed his sports career and made it clear that he will not officially compete in the championship again, as he wants to enjoy life.

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Back to MotoGP

«It did not go ahead. Although I was very interested in finishing something that I did not finish with DucatiEverything that sport entails weighed me more. Life is too short. I have run eighteen years as a professional and before another ten. They are almost thirty years of dedication. You have to know how to take advantage of all the good things in life. Now I have a long way to go to try to do it, “said Lorenzo.


On the other hand, the Spaniard highlighted all his rivals in the championship and took the opportunity to express his opinion on the continuity of Valentino Rossi in the paddock, despite his 42 years. “No matter how Valentino you are, age takes its toll. Little by little you lose reflections. You also don’t have that lack of fear of falls. Valentino is not the same pilot as when he was 23 or 30 years old, “he shot.

Despite this, Lorenzo believes that the next races will be well received for Valentino, as Qatar is not the best place for him to show that he can continue at a good level. «He surprised in the Qatar qualification. But in the end, in a 45-minute race, if you don’t have rhythm on lap by lap, they end up passing you. In MotoGP everything can change. There will be circuits that will be better for Valentino and where I think he will be able to fight for the podium or a victory, ”said Rossi.

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