Lucas Viatri: “With my family we made the decision to go live in Uruguay”

Lucas Viatri: "With my family we made the decision to go live in Uruguay"

Lucas viatri He spoke this Saturday night about his present in Argentina and acknowledged that with his family they have decided to return to live in Uruguay. In statements to the program Crazy About Soccer (Del Sol 99.5 FM), the forward indicated that he is currently a free player and will wait to see what offers come up to decide his next team.

The 34-year-old footballer recalled his passage through Peñarol, where he played two and a half seasons arriving in mid-2017 and leaving the club at the end of 2019: “We went through very beautiful moments and that was accompanied by good results, which makes things easier, on the part of the people there was always I respect”.

Viatri, currently without a contract with any team, commented: “I did not settle in Argentine football because of a life choice, they treated me very well in Uruguay, my family fell in love. I left many friends who treated us very well, including many Nacional fans. When we left Uruguay my wife and my 14-year-old son were crying, and I felt very bad, and there was always the chance to return. After the pandemic, we made the decision to go live in Uruguay, either at the end of the year or next year.”.

“I always dream of returning to Peñarol, they treated me very well, we had very beautiful moments and I loved the country; there is always the illusion. I became a fan of Peñarol, so I would love to wear the shirt again”Said the forward who confessed that he watches all the matches of the Aurinegro team.

And he said about Ignacio Ruglio, current president of Peñarol: “El Nacho is a phenomenon, both with him and with Rodolfo Catino we have spoken by message throughout this time. When Ruglio was elected as president of Peñarol, it took me about a month and a half to send him a message because there was still the issue that players could be incorporated and it did not seem to me because he was offering me, it did not seem like the time and then it was. I congratulated ”.

The attacker also indicated: “When Leo Ramos took office in Danubio in August he called me to go; now I am analyzing some things that I have, you have to see, the idea is in the future to go live in Uruguay”.

Finally, Viatri pointed out that he could not accept an offer from Nacional: “There are things that are not done, at the time when I was playing in the sixth or seventh of Boca River came to look for me and my father said no without even asking me ; later, for example, I also played for Emelec for a year and then I had the chance to go to Barcelona in Guayaquil and I didn’t want to; no matter how much you do things right or wrong, there is always someone from the club who ends up loving you, and It would be disrespecting that person, that does not go with me”.

And he praised his compatriot Gonzalo Bergessio, current forward and captain of Nacional: “Gonzalo is a beast, he is very alive to play, he has a lot of experience, he has a long career in football and he is trained like a bull, that helps him a lot. Uruguayan football leads you to shock and friction continuously, and that works in your favor. And it’s always there, it’s ‘summer fly’, it bothers you all the time ”.

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