Mike Tyson gives his reasons why he thinks Tyson Fury will defeat Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson y Anthony Joshua

Mike tyson, former heavyweight champion, gave his analysis of the fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury, which would take place in the middle of this year, and put Fury as the favorite.

“I love too much Joshua, but I think that Fury is very elusive, “he said in a Instagram Live with Haute living. “Joshua he will not touch it. Let’s be honest, right? I like very much Joshua, (but) it doesn’t hit ”.

There is still no official announcement of when the unification of the full weights or the headquarters will take place, although Eddie hearn, President of Matchroom, assured that this week there could be more news.

“Maybe it hits harder than Deontay Wilder, but it doesn’t hit faster than Wilder“, I consider Tyson on AJ. “If you don’t hit faster than Wilder, he won’t touch this guyFury). That’s what I see. Yes Tyson fury was able to evade the quick blows of Wilder, Joshua he may be in trouble. “

According to the words of Hearn and of Bob arum, President of Top Rank, They have already exchanged contracts for one of the most anticipated contests of this year to take place in July 2021.

The father of Tyson fury recently recorded a video in which he asked Joshua and Hearn have everything ready for the fight, and that for your son it would be a warm-up match.

“I think Fury can stop him.”

The coach of Mike Tyson, Teddy Atlas, I affirm that Tyson fury It can even stop Anthony Joshua, as Andy Ruíz did at some point.

“I think Fury can stop him,” he considered Atlas on the podcast The Fight. “I like AJ, He’s a good fighter, he’s very talented, he had a great comeback. I like all that. I’m not going to say it has a Chinese jawbone, but I’m going to say that Fury he has a better jaw. And I’ll say he was in dark places when he stopped him (Andy) Ruíz”.

“I think there may be a blackout again, that their confidence will go away,” he said. Teddy on AJ. “When I say electricity, light, I mean trust, belief, mental toughness and durability. I think there may be another outage on that generator again. It’s not far from the lights going out, so I go with Fury “.

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