More trouble: Houston Police get into Deshaun Watson case

More trouble: Houston Police get into Deshaun Watson case

The situation of Deshaun watson begins to get serious. After 21 civil lawsuits for sexual assault and misconduct, the Houston Police have taken action on the matter, and are working on complaints against the quarterback of Houston Texans. The police department announced the opening of an investigation.

The name of Deshaun watson It has been the focus of the authorities’ attention for weeks. It was the lawyer, Tony Buzbee who was revealing that he handled information about alleged sexual victims of the star of the NFL. However, no official presentation of the cases to the authorities had been made until now. Finally, the Houston Police have announced the opening of the investigation.

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Today, a whistleblower filed a report with the Houston Police Department concerning Deshaun watson. As with any allegation, the Houston Police Department is conducting an investigation and will not comment on anything for the duration of the investigation process, “says the statement issued by the police department.

Deshaun Watson’s defense response

Dusty Hardin, the quarterback’s attorney, was quick to speak after the formal complaint against the player was reported. He assured that they will collaborate to clarify the case. “We welcome this process. Now we will know the identity of at least one plaintiff. We will cooperate fully with the Houston Police Department. “

Houston Texans

Nick Caserio, owner of the Texans, spoke about the issue in Texans Total Access, and did not jump to conclusions until the authorities determine something concrete. «We are certainly aware and we are on the lookout. We issued a statement at the beginning on the position of the organization. I would say that it is a legal situation, a legal process, so we are respectful of that. The allegations that have been discussed are certainly concerning. Organizationally, these actions are not something we can allow.

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