Valentino Rossi had the worst classification of his career: «I suffer a lot»

Valentino Rossi.

Everything seems to go into a tailspin Valentino rossi. The nine-time World Champion had this Saturday, the worst classification of his sporting career, as he will start second to last in this afternoon’s race. The Italian did not receive sanctions, nor did he have falls that left him in a difficult position with respect to his teammates: “I suffer a lot”he declared after yesterday’s test.

As he usually does after each test, Valentino expressed his feelings. There the Italian made it clear that he does not see a good outlook for the race this Sunday. On the other hand, he clarified that in his passage through Ducati had a worse result, although he did not clarify what it was. A few days ago, Valentino had already expressed that if the results were not good, he could retire at the end of the year.

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“I have never been fast, I have tried to improve my sensations with the bike and the tire but the truth is that I suffer a lot, I lose a lot of grip when accelerating,” explained Valentino after the Qualy. In addition, he added that “Last week was good with the new tires, we tried to improve things, but it was not fast at all,” he said.

On the other hand, number 46 emphasized that this was not his worst qualifying in MotoGP. «I remember that I did some worse with Ducati, so it is not the worst. I have a lot of problems. The conditions (wind and sand) were also very difficult ”, said Rossi after the test. This Sunday he will start in position 21, next to the Aprilia from Lorenzo Savadori.


To close, the Italian announced that he does not expect a better performance in the race this Sunday, although true to his style, he will look for some overtaking at the start of the Doha Grand Prix. I’m not fast, but tomorrow we will try to do better. We have not improved and at the same time we have lost effectiveness in qualifying, “he said.

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