Will it be able to? Leslie Smith says he will kill Cris Cyborg at Bellator

Will it be able to?  Leslie Smith says he will kill Cris Cyborg at Bellator

In it Bellator 259, Leslie smith will have his long-awaited revenge with Cris Cyborg. There, the aforementioned seeks to dethrone the Brazilian featherweight champion, although she recognizes that it will not be easy to achieve it. In any case, at a press conference she was very confident in herself, so she assured that she will arrive better than her rival in this contest. In that sense, he left several interesting phrases.

Starting with his sayings, Smith He said, ‘Of course she has improved. You haven’t been sitting on the couch eating Cheetos for the past five years. She has been doing her thing, training and doing it. But what benefits me is what she’s been doing consistently. for her. So what reason do you have to change if it works constantly? I have no doubt that his game has evolved, but I am 100 percent sure that I have evolved my game more ».

He wants to enhance his legacy: Cris Cyborg goes for everything at Bellator

Defense wasn’t my thing before I fought her. It was an amazing learning experience. No one before or after that had hit me with their power like that. I’ve been training ever since to be able to control the distance, to be able to control the time. Those are the two main things: distance and time are going to change every fight, “he also developed.

Want the title

On the other hand, Leslie He acknowledged the following: “One thing about me is that I am not afraid of anything except not having the opportunity to fight and do my best. I’ve been looking forward to this fight. I asked for this fight again. I have been training for this fight. I have already been working on all aspects of my MMA game and I am beyond excited about this opportunity.

Of course I want this fight. This is the goal of all who are in MMA, it’s a title in the main organization, which, this is the main organization for women in my weight class right now. This is the best place he could be to fight. I am beyond excited about this opportunity. I am ready to die out there. I am willing to lose an ear, but I guarantee that it will be a very entertaining fight, “he closed Leslie smith.

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