Benavidez will be ready in case Saunders cannot fight Canelo Álvarez

Canelo Álvarez y David Benavidez

David benavidez will be fit and ready in case Billy Joe Saunders suffers some setback and cannot fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez on May 8, her dad noted Joseph.

“In life, every day, there are opportunities. That is what David does ”, he pointed out Benavidez Sr. in an interview with AKHi TV. “He remains disciplined and you have not seen him. He wants those big fights. To get those fights, they’re going to come because these guys (Team Canelo) they like to call people who are not ready two weeks or a week in advance.

Benavidez son comes from defeating in mid-March Ronald ellis in the eleventh round by knockout and after having his super middleweight belt removed a couple of times from the CMB, now looking for an opportunity to become a world champion again.

But Jose Benavidez, ensures that your child will be ready to go on the move if Saunders can not reach the compromise against Canelo Alvarez.

“We are going to train and we are going to stay focused,” he continued. Joseph, “And if they give us the news a week (in advance) or 24 hours (in advance), we will take it because I know we will be ready. We will be ”.

Canelo Alvarez He intends to become the undisputed champion of the super middle division in 2021 and, for this, he will first fight against Billy Joe, who has the scepter of the AMB. In case of winning, he will surely look for Caleb Plant, who is the monarch of the FIB.

“Anything can happen and, in my mind, these guys can get hurt, someone (like Saunders) can be injured, “he said Joseph. “They are going to have to replace him with someone. Who are they going to replace him with? Now people want to see the good fights. They are not going to buy whatever it is ”.

Benavidez and his team have been mentioning Canelo Alvarez, who represents the biggest bag in boxing today. However, the plans of the Guadalajara seem to go the other way, although he also has David in the big picture, as he wants to face the best.

“So they are going to try and call us,” he considered. Benavidez father. “Okay, you want to take the fight, you got it. And if you’re not ready, they’re going to start, ‘oh, I thought you wanted the fight, I thought you had the balls.’ You know what? We are 100% ready, we are going to be ready ”.

Too David benavidez I was looking to face Caleb Plant, but the latter said he will wait for Canelo Alvarez.

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