Duki joins the NBA … and raps with Campazzo’s!

Duki joins the NBA ... and raps with Campazzo's!

If it’s trap and freestyle, Duki It is one of the greatest exponents of the genre in Argentina. And now your talent will add to the NBA, a league with which he will collaborate on a series of videos that will explore his link with basketball, while reacting to the best players in the American league.

What flashes me about the NBA today at the athletic and sporting level is the versatility that was gained and also how the game mutated thanks to the technique and ability of the players. They have an almost absurd shooting perfection. Like (Damian) Lillard and (Stephen) Curry pulling from the logo, you say ‘What do I do? If this chaboncito is going to come walking and is going to throw me from the middle of the field, I have nothing to do. ‘ Or (Zach) LaVine, who beats you in the dunk game and also hits you seven 3-pointers in one game. Players learned that they have to have more than one role. A (Nikola) Jokic, for example, who is a center but suddenly is a point guard, assists, goes to the basket, drops rebounds”, Explains the freestyler in dialogue with NBA Latam.

Along the 10 weekly episodes that can be seen every Wednesday for him NBA Latam YouTube channel since April 7, the Duki He will tell about his relationship with basketball and the NBA from the time he was a boy to this day through an exclusive interview, reactions to the best players in the league and even singing a series of themed freestyles.

By way of premiere, the first episode will have Duki rapping in freestyle mode celebrating different NBA teams, players and moments. Is a exclusive song which will only be available on the NBA Latam YouTube channel. For the video, how could it be otherwise, Duki he wore the shirt of Facundo Campazzo, point guard for the Denver Nuggets and someone in whom he is reflected: “When I found out that Campazzo was going to play (in the NBA) I said, ‘Done, this is it.’ I am very excited that there is an Argentine like me breaking it in a worldwide discipline… I want all Argentines to watch Facu’s games and follow him and support him and ban him“.

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