Say goodbye to the UFC? Cris Cyborg tries to take Jon Jones to Bellator

Say goodbye to the UFC?  Cris Cyborg tries to take Jon Jones to Bellator

Few hours ago, Cris Cyborg, brand new champion of Bellator, advised Jon jones with leaving your present aside. The former Light Heavyweight Champion of UFC does not have a good relationship with Dana White, President of that company. The Brazilian has already gone through that with the president, so she quickly told him to go to his current company. For this reason, social networks exploded.

At UFC 260, Francis Ngannou became a heavyweight champion, making MMA history. There, the Cameroonian knocked out Stipe Miocic, who had never been finished. In that sense, he became the first African to be the king of that division. At the end of the fight, he made it clear that he wants Jon jones in his next battle, but Dana White left many controversies about it and did not give the legendary American space.

Not convinced: the millionaire proposal that Jon Jones rejected to fight Francis Ngannou

Thus, Cyborg He expressed: «Any fighter who wants to be a fighter and remain a star, without worrying about the promoters trying to appear in all the videos, in all the recordings, dancing … Come to Bellator MMA. Any artist who wants to be an artist and remain a star, without having to worry about the executive producer trying to be in all the videos, on all the records, dancing… Come to Death Row «.

The problem

It was precisely because of White’s words that Jones exploded, since the president did not ensure this fight. Being so, Jon He posted hours ago on Twitter: “Please cut me off now. You’d rather have me around and treat me like shit. I swear the industry of UFC It has been nothing but depressing for me. Damn, let me go. What kind of weird sh * t is this? Obviously the boss hates me. Let me take my business elsewhere.

I’ve already had a career in the Hall of Fame, I’m going to need some bread. I have been working hard, I have gained all this weight. He had never lost a fight before. Now all of a sudden I am afraid. What the fuck », he concluded Jon jones on social media. While Dana White’s words took him somewhat away from the title fight, he does not despair and wants to reach a new belt in his career.

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