Torreira: “Riquelme thanked me for having spoken highly of the club”

Torreira: "Riquelme thanked me for having spoken highly of the club"

Lucas torreira, Atletico Madrid player who expressed his desire to leave European football to reach Boca Juniors, said in an interview with “Polideportivo” of Teledoce that had received a call from Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of the Xeneize team.

After confessing on ESPN F90 that his desire was to be close to his family in Fray Bentos and play in BocaTorreira commented that he used to speak regularly with Riquelme, but that they had not commented on the content of that interview.

“I always talk to him, but we do not talk about this interview, he thanked me for having spoken very well of the club and sent greetings to the family at this time”, said the Uruguayan flyer, referring to the death of his mother days ago.

Torreira pointed out that the decision to return to South America had been made for some time, as a result of things not going well for him after enjoying a few minutes both at Arsenal, who owns his file, and at Colchonero, where he is on loan. . He also pointed out that the death of his mother had accelerated the decision, but reaffirmed that it was an issue that came from before.

He also commented that he did not receive messages from Atlético Madrid leaders or members of the coaching staff after his resounding statements in F90. “The club has been wonderful to me, as well as the teammates and the medical staff. I was very clear and expressed my desire, the desire that I have today to be close to my family, which is what interests me the most. We have just lost the most important woman in our life, today the most important thing is the family and not the soccer ball “, he pointed.

The Uruguayan indicated that the atmosphere at Atlético Madrid had been very good, beyond not having been able to enjoy many minutes on the court, but that his current desire was to be close to his family, especially his father. “He is the one who has the most trouble, he has just lost his partner of more than 40 years, it is not easy for him. We are six brothers, and we are already making our lives, soon we are going to have our children, he was left alone because mother left. Today I want to be there for him, to help him, it will be a very long process and the important thing is to continue because life goes on “added.

Torreira pointed out that he left a good bond with Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta before leaving. “The decision to leave Arsenal was mine because I was not feeling well at the club, I was not having many minutes and I need to play. I live from the game, England is a country where South Americans have a hard time adapting to the rhythm of life, culture. They never told me that they were not going to take me into account, but they did let me know when not being in the starting teams or not having minutes. That hurt me, because the first season had been very good “, he indicated.

Asked about the possibility of instead of Boca, getting to play Uruguayan soccer, he said it was not a possibility that he was driving. “I never considered coming to Uruguay. It is not an idea that I have, perhaps at some point it may cross my mind, knowing that I never played in a Uruguayan team and did not play in the First Division, but my idea has always been very clear to come to Boca, but everything in football can change very quickly “, he pointed.

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