Are you coming back to the load? Fernando Alonso and the chance to be champion with Alpine

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso I come back to the Formula 1 to show that despite his age, he is still one of the best drivers in the world. The Spaniard retired in 2018 after several years in which he could not demonstrate his talent. With significant frustration, Alonso decided that the best thing for him was to venture into other categories and be competitive. However, next to Alpine it returns to the load, in search of its fueros.

In an interview with the medium Sky Sports, the two-time World Champion pilot commented that his objective in this return to the top flight goes beyond his results on the track. In his words, he wants to be competitive again and enjoy his return to the top flight, the love of his life. The 2022 season will be key to tackling more ambitious goals.

Could Fernando Alonso have won more titles in Formula 1?

With feet on the ground

The regulatory changes coming next year may give Alonso hope of getting back to the top of Formula 1. However, he already knows that younger drivers have a lot of speed, so a triumphant comeback can be very difficult, and this was expressed in the note that was released this Monday.

“We all want to win, but only one can achieve it and at the end of the year only one becomes a champion. It is a difficult goal for one to set. Formula 1 and sport in general are not exact mathematics. Since you cannot plan what is going to happen. You simply try to make your homework as fun as possible », assured the Spaniard, according to the Spanish media ‘’

On the other hand, the former pilot of Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Minardi, He announced that there is no date set to return to victory in Formula 1. «You work hard to get the results and to fulfill those dreams that you have in your head. I try to make this comeback a good attempt to win races, but not with a clear objective or a time limit to achieve things, “he said.

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