Are you in trouble? Demetrious Johnson will lose to Adriano Moraes

Are you in trouble?  Demetrious Johnson will lose to Adriano Moraes

This Wednesday, Demetrious Johnson will collide with Adriano Moraes in ONE Championship. Thus, Michael Schiavello, experienced in the matter, spoke with the press and recognized what can happen in a few hours. Clearly, the former UFC champion will not have an easy time in his next battle, which is why many already see him as the underdog. Anyway, he has his thing to cover several mouths.

Being so, Schiavello He stated, “You know, a lot of people are sleeping with Adriano Moraes, and he has been a magnificent champion in ONE Championship, and Adriano is going to give Demetrious a very difficult time. I mean, Adriano is as skilled as a BJJ black belt, but also his standup is excellent. His ability in the ring is superb. He has a very high intellect within the circle, and you know, it’s no secret that Demetrious JohnsonSince he came to the ONE Championship, he has had a hard time. “

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I mean, you know, every fight that he’s had so far has been tested. You know, they cut it. I think it was his first fight. Has been tagged in the hit because Demetrious in ONE he’s seeing some hits that he hadn’t seen before. When he was in the UFC, he didn’t see guys who were unorthodox forwards using, like, sanda and wushu and coming at him at angles that these Japanese and Filipino guys that he’s been fighting with in ONE are coming at him. ” , he acknowledged.

Trust Moraes

For its part, Michael explained: «Hadrian He’s a guy who actually trains in the United States, even though he’s Brazilian. It will also bring a lot of those unorthodox things because Adriano has been in ONE for so long that he has seen some of those punches, muay thai, karate, kung fu, sanda, wushu. He has incorporated it into his own style, and what happens with Adriano is, as I said, a cerebral fighter too ».

You know, I would have been in the lab for the last few months, studying every piece of tape on Demetrious Johnson to find a potential weakness in Demetrious and, you know, if anyone thinks Demetrious is going to pierce Adriano, you know, it’s the wrong thought. I’m not saying Demetrious doesn’t win. There is a good chance that he will, but Adriano is a champion for a reason, and he is a good champion, “he concluded. Michael Schiavello.

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