Did you want to throw it away? The dangerous touch of Jack Miller and Joan Mir that could end in tragedy

Joan Mir

During the Doha Grand Prix from MotoGP, Jack miller and Joan Mir starred in one of the most dangerous scenes in recent times. The pilot of Ducati and that of Suzuki they played in the middle of the main straight, causing a scare that will remain in the memory of the fans. Fortunately everything will be a scare, but the attitudes of one of the pilots was highly criticized by fans.


Jack Miller is a very temperamental character in the paddock of MotoGP. The Australian often expresses his anger at other drivers and Mir was no exception. Mir was about to pass the Ducati rider, who had been having various problems. However, Mir over braked in one of the curves of the circuit and touched it. Thanks to this, he was able to overtake Miller.

Fabio Quartararo won the Doha MotoGP Grand Prix

When Miller was able to catch up with the Champion again, it was down the main straight. Ducati’s aerodynamic and engine power got me to catch up quickly. However, Miller did not advance him, but rather stood by his side, while reproaching him for various actions. In his words, Miller had already been hurt several times by Mir’s touches.

When he stood next to him, Miller looked at him, and insulted him several times. Despite this, the Australian was not happy. He threw the motorcycle on him and continued making gestures with his hands. For his part, Mir shook his head from side to side, disapprovingly. The cameras did not get to take the exact moment in which this happened. But the repetition was overwhelming. Miller purposely bumped into Mir.

This was reproached by all the fans and experts of the MotoGP world. However, the sports commissioners who were in charge of ensuring everyone’s safety at the Doha Grand Prix did not think the same. The Australian did not receive any sanction. While he was not penalized in the race, many expect action to be taken off the track.


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