Manchester City vs. Borussia Dortmund – Match Report – April 6, 2021

Manchester City vs.  Borussia Dortmund - Match Report - April 6, 2021

(EFE) – Manchester City started a victory at Borussia Dortmund in the 90th minute thanks to a goal from Phil Foden that leaves Pep Guardiola’s men with a meager advantage for the second leg (2-1) and with the tie completely open .

The Germans, who disallowed a controversial goal for a foul on Ederson in the first half, emerged in the final minutes to tie Kevin de Bruyne’s opening goal, with a goal from Marco Reus, assisted by Erling Haaland, but Foden on him. whistle, he decided the victory for the English, in a game of many ups and downs.

City left the Etihad disconnected, with Borussia well planted, despite the clear difference in quality on the green. Yes, Guardiola gave up a pure ‘nine’ leaving Sergio Agüero and Gabriel Jesús on the bench, but Dortmund had to be content with a team with much less individual talent and without the injured Jadon Sancho.

The party would orbit around Haaland and his support on the left Jude Bellingham, the 17-year-old raised in England who had the first of the match, a left-handed shot almost falling that Ederson had to repel.

There was the match where Dortmund wanted, with Haaland receiving with relative comfort on the front and with the feeling that he could catch one, but an error in the exit of the ball ruined the good start of the Germans. Stealing in the middle, De Bruyne driving, opening for Foden, horizontal pass and Mahrez, from the baseline, gave it to the Belgian for him to push.

The match fell to Dortmund, who was lucky with the VAR, because Rodri faked a blow to Emre Can’s face that did not even exist. The referee whistled the penalty at first, but changed his decision after seeing the images.

And the referee again, the Romanian Ovidiu Hategan, a few minutes later when he disallowed a goal against Bellingham for allegedly stealing the ball from Ederson’s foul.

It was not the day of Dortmund until now and Haaland, even, failed a heads up. The total surprise. The Norwegian beat Ruben Dias well by body, but, unbalanced, could not overcome Ederson.

Foden returned it to him and in a death pass he threw the doll straight. City were more forgiving, with chances for Foden and De Bruyne themselves, and they ended up paying for it.

With five minutes to go, Dortmund pulled off a three-quarter combination that ended with Haaland filtering the ball for Reus, ahead of Ederson, to equalize.

It was a great result for the Germans, but in 90, Gundogan found Foden inside the area and the young Englishman, with his left foot, sentenced the game, but not the tie.

Dortmund will decide in a week.

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