More pressure! Colby Covington’s major announcement that revolutionized the UFC

More pressure!  Colby Covington's major announcement that revolutionized the UFC

Colby covington, extraordinary and controversial American fighter, continues to leave something to talk about in UFC. After Leon Edwards insulted him a few days ago, the former police officer went out to the crossing and ended up disrespecting several more. That being the case, that was not all, since now he put pressure on the table to Dana White, the President of the company. Considering the fight between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, there is news.

In an interview with The Schmo, the American did not keep anything and gave his analysis of a possible replacement. The former interim welterweight champion said: “We are in Miami, Florida right now. It’s three and a half hours, four hours of travel. I’ll take a bus to Jacksonville and introduce myself. I will be there. So if someone leaves, I will come in and we will evaluate from there.

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In recent months, many fights have been called off due to coronavirus cases, with no quick replacements being found. It is precisely for that reason that Covington he might have a chance, making it clear that he will be there before they call him. In that sense, he left a clear message to Dana White: “The UFC He hasn’t told me, but I think it’s pretty explicit that I’m the backup guy. “

Is furious

Days ago, Colby he acknowledged: “It was going to have a price. I wanted a little more than what was in my contract. I just wasn’t going to show up for a normal paycheck to fight that guy. For me to go out and show it on short notice and fight that guy, you know, the way I fight guys. So if I want to fight my best, I need a full training camp. So that fight was never going to happen unless UFC pay to make it happen.

They asked me and said, hey, what is Colby going to cost, for your price? Because first of all, let’s be honest, why are we in this position? Because this guy, the irrelevant Leon Scott, was supposed to fight a boy named Sputnik. And, you know, Sputnik retires a couple of times, doesn’t want to fight, your publicity work has gone down the drain. Sorry, UFC, your plan, everything is closed. Now everything is shame, “he also expressed Colby covington.

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