“Povetkin was greatly affected by the aftermath of the coronavirus,” says his manager.


Alexander Povetkin was greatly affected in his rematch with Dillian whyte for the consequences left by the coronavirus, as revealed by his manager.

Dimitry Ivanov, representative of Povetkin, explained that the former heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Association suffers daily with the consequences that Covid-19 left him.

“I am not a specialist doctor. But, in my opinion, the coronavirus has not been thoroughly studied. In particular, from the point of view of the sequelae (for the body after suffering it) ”, he highlighted Ivanov in a chat with the journalist Vasily Konov. “Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly how much this disease affected the preparation (of Povetkin) and the fight itself ”.

The manager believes that the Russian fighter was widely affected by the ravages of the virus.

“I think that he Covid-19) greatly influenced functional capacity and fitness (from Povetkin), as well as your ability to focus, pay attention, and your reaction time. In my opinion, all the functions it had Povetkin now they were more in a sleepy mode, “said the manager of the Russian Vityaz.

Alexander Povetkin was knocked out in the fourth round by Dillian whyte in a fight in which the English was largely dominating, and where several times the Russian was on the verge of falling.

Povetkin had tested positive for coronavirus in November 2020 so the first date planned for the rematch with Dillian whyte was postponed.

The main promoter of Povetkin, Andrei Ryabinsky, reported at the time, that the fighter was admitted to a Moscow hospital. She had a fever and other symptoms, but without critical complications.

Povetkin was not suitable for the coronavirus, according to Mauricio Sulaimán

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the CMB, he assured that Alexander Povetkin he was not physically fit to return to the ring, after he fell in the rematch by knockout against Dillian whyte in four rounds.

“He is a true warrior, he has a big heart,” he said. Sulaiman to Igor Lazorin. “But I think I was not ready for a rematch with Whyte, perhaps for medical reasons after having dealt with an illness ”.

Povetkin suffered severe punishment from Whyte in the fourth inning, which culminated with a left hook that sent the Russian straight to the mat. Although the referee gave him the count, he saw Kursk’s touched and stopped the fight, at the same time that his corner threw in the towel.

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