Promoter of Tim Tszyu would pay 10 million for Charlo or Brian Castaño to expose title in Australia


The promoter of Tim Tszyu I would pay 10 million dollars for that Jermell charlo or Brian Brown expose your super welterweight titles in Australia against your fighter.

George rose, promoter of Tszyu, said that he will seek that his star is made with the world scepters of Jermell Charlo, who is the monarch of the WBC, WBA and IBF; or, the scepter of the Argentine Brian Brown, champion for the OMB.

Tim He is the son of the legendary former Russian world champion, Kostya tszyu, a member of the Hall of Fame, although his son was born in Australia.

The manager is willing to pay $ 10 million to bring any super welterweight champion to fight Australia against Tim Tszyu.

“That’s the figure (10 million dollars)”, he claimed Rose daily Sidney Morning Herald“That’s what we have to do to make that happen. The way I see things, the world title has to be played here in Australia. That is the situation we are in, and that is what we need to make that happen. We want the world title and we want it in Australia ”.

And the promoter pointed out that Charlo and Brown are the fighters you want to take Australia against Tim Tszyu and is willing to pay them a very good amount.

“Either Charlo or Brown, they are the objectives ”, he affirmed Rose. “Timmy you have to fight for a world title here in Australia, especially given the times we’re in (with the COVID-19 pandemic). Australia is the best location for it. “

And the Australian promoter is already preparing for that.

“When you bring in international fighters, the costs skyrocket,” he said. Rose. “To get the quality opposition, it will cost a lot, so we have to look where we can do it in a feasible way.”

No Limit Boxing, a company that carries out the career of Tim Tszyu, demonstrated They will spare no expense to put on a good show.

Rumor has it that the visiting routine of Tszyu only on Wednesday night, which included Latrell mitchell and it turned out to be a hit with the huge crowd, costing almost $ 50,000.

Tszyu wants to be the best in the world, with the belts of Charlo and Castaño

Tim Tszyu He commented that he was not satisfied with being the best in Australia. From now on, it will seek worldwide recognition.

“That is the problem, every time I do something, the goal continues to grow,” he said. Tszyu. “You have to keep challenging yourself, that’s what wakes you up every morning.”

In turn, the Australian posted a video on his account Twitter, with the spectacular scene on the canvas of the most recent knockout he achieved against Dennis Hogan, on March 31st.

“18-0 money shot. Thank you Newcastle ”, the undefeated boxer posted on his official profile, along with cutting the exact blow with which he knocked down his opponent.

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